We are all used to keeping our savings in a bank account. This way of saving is considered the most reliable. In fact, by putting money in the bank, you will not only fail to earn, but also lose due to the annual increase in inflation. As long as the banks use your money, you will only get poorer. This path will not lead you to financial freedom.
Another option for saving (more risky) is buying shares of different companies. This method is more profitable, but there are big risks of losing most of your investments (and maybe all) due to the depreciation of shares. Each of us thinks how to save our money, and maybe increase it. The newest project CLEVER knows the answers to these difficult questions for many.

Now you have the opportunity to change your life for the better and take part in the CLEVER project.
(DeFi is a decentralized, unreliable open source financial app ecosystem based on public blockchains)

Here you will receive a pleasant percentage on your deposit and write off full responsibility from it.
To receive large payouts, you need to have CLVA tokens in your portfolio. Profit distribution among all CLVA token holders is carried out in accordance with a pre-programmed schedule of routine cycles, consisting of 888 two-week cycles.

Surprisingly, the interest is calculated automatically every day and is 11% depending on the number of tokens in your portfolio. In fact, by keeping CLVA tokens in your portfolio, you not only get a guaranteed percentage of return, but you also benefit from rising CLVA token prices. Since the number of CLVA tokens is strictly limited, it is safe to say that the price for them will constantly increase.
By participating in the CLEVER project, you gain a great advantage over participating in other DeFi projects.
First, it’s worth noting that you don’t need a contract, terms, or rate.
Your CLVA will NEVER enter into any fixed contracts or rate periods.
Plus, you don’t have any blockages or restrictions, you always have the freedom to move or send CLVA anywhere in the loop! Your cryptocurrency is always your cryptocurrency.

You can not be afraid of any penalties from the team. Buy or Sell CLVA Anytime! The more you have, the more you earn!
To participate in a project, you need to take two simple steps.
To get started, go to the official CLEVER website and use your MyEtherWallet to transfer the required amount to the smart contract, and you will automatically receive your CLVA tokens back.
To get CLVA tokens as profitable as possible, be one of the first investors.
You, as the first investor, will get a great advantage when the token goes public and you see its value increase several times. It is planned that the CLVA token will be listed on the exchange immediately after the first 30-day stage of primary mining (February 1 — March 2).
The token is ERC20 compliant, so you can store it in most cryptocurrency wallets.

You can find out more about the project by going to the official website. All information is presented there in an understandable form for everyone, and also on the site you can watch training videos and understand how the project works.
To follow the updates, join the social networks of the project.
You can ask any questions in the official telegram channel.

Useful links

Website https://clva.com/

Telegram https://t.me/cleverdefi

Twitter https://twitter.com/cleverdefi


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